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HEADLINE: Uplifting Memoir UNPREDICTABLE Chronicles Abuse Recovery, Courage Through Faith

SUBHEAD: Palmetto Publishing unveils stellar, inspirational autobiography on overcoming lifelong trauma

CHARLESTON, SC, November 9, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – 

Honey Kasper is an overcomer. Two battles with cancer, surviving eighty-nine surgeries, and processing a childhood filled with every kind of abuse, she has built a successful and deeply fulfilling life. Her true story is recounted in her memoir, Unpredictable: The walk in and out of darkness, a brand new title launched this fall by Palmetto Publishing. Kasper’s website contains additional information.

The book was written to reach those who have faced chronic illness, other serious health conditions, domestic violence, and childhood trauma. Kasper believes sharing her story candidly will help readers experience a sense of camaraderie in their journeys. More than anything, she believes she was able to heal as a result of her faith. Kasper describes her story as “the hand of God steering my life away from tragedy,” and she adds that “overcoming with grace and faith in God can change a life.” 

The book itself is deeply emotional, showing how trauma can affect a person’s mindset for a lifetime—but also demonstrating how perseverance and taking back control of one’s choices can help survivors to recover. The title also features a collection of poems and a list of song titles that the author has found inspirational.

Reviewers have called the book “an insightful, honest, and inspirational tale of a battle survivor,” and a story that “gives hope to readers . . . from dysfunctional families.” Kasper, who writes under a pseudonym, invites readers to embark on the incredible journey of healing, and to “build a life of purpose and love.” Kasper can be found on Twitter (@KasperHoney) Facebook and LinkedIn for readers who wish to stay connected.

UNPREDICTABLE: THE WALK IN AND OUT OF DARKNESS is available for purchase online at and Barnes and

About the Author:

Honey Kasper is an overcomer whose life shows how grace and faith in God can transform a life. Having survived many years of abuse, trauma, severe malnutrition, over eighty-nine surgeries, and cancer, Kasper writes to help people find freedom from their struggles. 

About the Book: 

Title: Unpredictable: The walk in and out of darkness

Author: Honey Kasper

Publisher: Palmetto Publishing

Publication date: November 2023

ISBN-13: 979-8-8229-3211-1

Media Contact:

Honey Kasper

Available for interviews: Author, Honey Kasper 

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Palmetto Publishing

Phone: 888-457-9395

For Immediate Release

Follow The Incredible True Story of Resilience, Faith, And Inner Strength in Author Honey Kasper’s Newest Memoir

Unpredictable: The Walk in and Out of Darkness 

Honey Kasper

ISBN: 979-8-8229-3211-1

Publication Date: Available now on Amazon

Life has thrown a lot at Honey Kasper, who writes under a pen name to maintain anonymity. Between several types of abuse to battling cancer, Kasper has been tested more times than she can count. She’s still fighting, though, and has the resilient spirit to show for it.

Now, she’s ready to share her story. From the depths of despair to the bright joy of leading a successful and fulfilling life, Kasper lets the reader walk with her through the turbulence of her life’s journey so far in her memoir, Unpredictable: The Walk in and Out of Darkness.

In the book, Kasper reveals some of her toughest trials, including great trauma, severe malnutrition, 89 surgeries and cancer, and every type of abuse. She doesn’t share the negative events and situations from her life to complain; instead, she uses it as fuel to help others see the light at the end of their respective tunnels. If she can find happiness and fulfillment, she’s sure anyone else can, too.

“[I hope] to inspire and uplift [and serve as an] example to survivors and mental health professionals,” she asserted.

Readers of mental health memoirs, survival stories, and abuse victims will resonate with Kasper’s words. She takes special care in sharing her story to inspire, heal, and lift up others through what she’s learned in her own life.

“Unpredictable: The Walk in and Out of Darkness” is available for purchase online at and Barnes and

About the Author

Honey Kasper, writing under a pen-name, is more than just an author—she’s a testament to the indomitable spirit of survival. Enduring life’s harshest challenges, from abuse in its many forms to battling cancer, Honey transformed her pain into a narrative of hope and resilience. With deep faith and an uplifting perspective, her story in Unpredictable: The Walk in and Out of Darkness aims to guide others from darkness to light. Let her words inspire and heal you.


Honey Kasper 

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